Recovery Centers of America (RCA) provides drug and alcohol addiction treatment. They have six inpatient locations in the United States. In my role as Art Director, I created advertisements, directed commercials and consulted on branding and design.


The Reality of Addiction

Below is a :30 TV commercial I produced for RCA called “The Reality of Addiction”. Our target audience for this spot was mothers of individuals struggling with opioid addiction. The spot was written and shot so that we grab peoples' attention without sugar coating the devastation of addiction. The ad successfully drove conversation and debate, with many people saying it was the best ad RCA has produced to date.

National Recovery Month

For National Recovery Month, RCA wanted to tell the stories of their own employees who are in recovery. Below is Dillon’s story.


I was tasked with designing a microsite web template to be used for all six of RCA’s inpatient facilities.



When RCA purchased a full-page spadea ad in the Washington Post, I was tasked with art directing it. The day it ran, RCA experienced the highest single-day call volume to date.